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As a successful entrepreneur and CEO, Pedro David Espinoza has earned many opportunities through hard work — but also from others investing their time and knowledge in him.

He attributes much of his own business success to others who have selflessly bestowed their knowledge and advice on him, which has advanced his own success as an entrepreneur. With this in mind, he strives to pay it forward by helping individuals and companies achieve a brighter future.

Help People Create Their Own Opportunities

Pedro David Espinoza says giving back can mean many things. For example, you can help a person by providing a home or food. But experience is something priceless you can give to empower others to succeed, he says.

There are a couple of examples of how Pedro David Espinoza believes that one can achieve this. For one, he recommends volunteering at an organization, which helps young people better connect with their community and become more involved with their education. One example of an organization is the Youth Commission of San Jose, of which many of the members are immigrants, which Pedro David Espinoza can relate to. He knows the challenges of being in a different country without the backing of family, with cultural and language barriers in the way and wants to provide help to those he recognizes are in a difficult time in their lives.

Organizations are often looking for inspirational individuals from all walks of life to share advice and it is up to you to answer the call and improve the lives of the members of your community. By working in the community, not only do you become and inspiration and a role model for the members of the organization you work with, you never know when the opportunity arises and you meet someone who is the right fit for your company.

Giving Back Doesn’t Have To Cost Money

Giving back to the community is not always about how much money you give to a cause, although that’s also an important aspect, he says. Sometimes giving back is just about mentoring someone to help him or her reach his or her true potential.

This can be done by volunteering your time to speak to a group, or it can be achieved in everyday life. There are instances where you meet someone purely by chance that’s looking to reach the next level, and you can seize the opportunity to share some wisdom. A positive outcome from this is that person will then in turn use their skills to make the world a better place for the future.

Oftentimes a person may not see his or her own potential, and that’s an opportunity. By taking the time to listen and encouraging the person to believe in themselves and take chances, you might be helping them more than any monetary donation could ever achieve, explains Pedro David Espinoza.

By planting the seed of success in another person, they can grow it into a successful lifelong career that benefits many.