Pedro inspires his audience through his keynotes. His topics include The Immigrant Advantage, The Business Case for Diversity, and Negotiation. Pedro has been televised on Telemundo, Voice of America, KSDY 50, Univision, Digital TV Peru, and NTN24.

Happy Clients

“Pedro spoke at our startup leadership event. He was the youngest of our keynote speakers but also one of the most impressive.” Sally Pera, CEO of Association for Corporate Growth Silicon Valley

“Pedro is a passionate speaker. His energy uplifts the room.”  Carl Guardino, CEO of Silicon Valley Leadership Group

“Pedro is one of the most passionate Latino CEOs that I know. His enthusiasm stands out while he speaks.” Jorge Titinger, CEO of Silicon Graphics International

“Pedro is one of the few Hispanic CEOs in Silicon Valley. He’s a talented speaker with a gift to inspire the audience.” Manny Fernandez, CEO of DreamFunded

“Pedro is a master public speaker and an amazing advocate of the social cause. We had a great day listening to his insights and we also enjoyed the intelligent exchange of ideas during the interactive Q&A. Truly inspirational.” Daniel Barrera, MSCI Inc.

“I first encountered Pedro at an Under 30 Changemakers Summit. He spoke about his journey of launching SmileyGo with such sincerity and enthusiasm and – to no surprise – he wore the brightest smile while doing it. It was a joy to watch him exercise his voice and to see his message of inspiration so strongly resonate with his audience.” Lindsey Poole, Program Manager at Ernst & Young

“Pedro’s public speaking is very inspiring. He spoke at the Silicon Valley Leadership Summit and the audience felt his joy for leading.” Katherine Mere, Banking Center Manager at Comerica Bank

“It’s critical in this post-modern age to have researchers and tech leaders that are diverse, particularly from the Latino community which is the fastest growing ethnic group in America.  Although he is a part of The Academy and walks with the giants in the tech community, this former car mechanic has not forgotten his past or his people.  Pedro David Espinoza is changing the game on several fronts!John Heath, Government Relations Manager at Turo

“Pedro spoke at my Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit, as part of the start-up session. He was a visionary minded speaker, and proved through his genuine- passion and strategic thinking that these qualities not only moved business-minded folks, but more importantly inspired future young leaders at the summit.” Frank Carbajal, President of Es Tiempo

“Pedro is extremely inclusive and his passion for service and sharing his enthusiasm for Peru’s deep culture through public speaking, was invigorating for our community.  He wins you over with his passion!” Chris Akin,  Executive Director of Beijing City International School

“Pedro is a bold and inspiring young leader and keynote speaker. He was a fellow speaker at an event in the City Hall of San Jose and he inspired the crowd.” Jason L. Ma Founder, CEO & Chief Mentor of ThreeEQ

“Pedro’s charisma stands out when he speaks. He spoke at our Leadership Award event and the audience was encouraged. Having a diverse and well-rounded entrepreneur like Pedro will uplift your audience.” Jefferson Coombs, ex President of Cal Alumni Association

“Pedro led a workshop at the Virginia Council of CEOs Retreat that was motivational, inspirational and informative. His experience overcoming cultural challenges and bringing that experience to our group was  amazing. You’ll find him to be energetic, articulate and a great leader.” – JJ White, Chief Engagement Officer at Dale Carnegie VA and Chair at Virginia Council of CEOs

The You Advantage

“It’s better to give than to receive.” We’ve all heard that, but Pedro Espinoza takes it a step further: “If serving is beneath you, then leadership is beyond you.” That motto has been the basis of Pedro’s journey, from growing up in Peru to attending Berkeley and becoming the founder of a Silicon Valley startup at 19. In this session, join Pedro as he tells the story of his life, and how he used his talents for a better purpose—to make an impact—and push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, to ask yourself “what bridges am I building today?”

Build the Bridge

Pedro’s goal with his ventures  is to close the opportunity gap for minorities (Latinos, Women, Immigrants, etc) by building bridges. When Pedro was volunteering 12,600 feet above sea level in the Andes, he met a teenage Peruana in Pampas Grande who aspired to be an engineer. This keynote highlights Pedro’s mind shift toward his realization that it is better to give than to receive, which is the engine of his venture-backed SmileyGo.

Future of Silicon Valley

“You can fail many times, but that doesn’t mean that you’re a failure; it’s called unfinished success.” Pedro firmly believes that if you want to succeed, when life gets difficult, one must keep pushing, and that the best environment to do that in is one where you are surrounded by people who will encourage and mentor you. In this speech Pedro shares his thoughts on the keys for success in business and life in the long-run: perseverance and support.


    • The Art of Pitching | TEC Monterrey Silicon Valley | Stanford, CA
    • The Future of Philanthropy | MSCI | Berkeley, CA 
    • The “You” Advantage | UnidosUS | San Diego, CA
    • Diversity in Corporate America | California Hispanic of Commerce | Stockton, CA
    • ERG Summit | US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce | Albuquerque , NM


    • TEDxGeorgetown | Georgetown University | Washington, D.C. 
    • How To Build Your Startup | Colegios Boston | Cancun
    • Hispanic Shark Tank | Univision | Los Angeles
    • Silicon Valley Latino Leadership Summit | Palo Alto
    • IP Support for Economies| U.S. Patent and Trademark Office| San Jose
    • Corporate Disruption | Virginia Council of CEOs | Williamsburg, VA