Who is Pedro David Espinoza?

Pedro David Espinoza is The Robin Hood of Technology according to The Voice of America. He is an internet entrepreneur, angel investor, and keynote speaker. At the age of 19, Pedro became the Founder and CEO of SmileyGo, an analytics platform that uses AI to help companies take control of their public policy risk and turn their grants into visibility. The investor-backed company aims to power some of the world’s largest corporations, marketing departments, and corporate foundations.

While studying at Stanford and Berkeley, Pedro began his career working for Shell, Honda, and Toyota. Pedro is an investor in  companies such as Nadine West, Kiwi Campus, and Feed.FM. He’s been a keynote speaker for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the World Intellectual Property Organization, and other prestigious organizations.

Pedro has been profiled in Univision, Hispanic Shark Tank, Fox News, and Forbes. He served as the chapter President of the Business Professionals of America and Modern Music Masters Honor Society in Lima, which is a worldwide organization that served students through music. In 2019, Pedro will publish a book called Differences That Make a Difference with Jorge Titinger (former CEO of SGI) on how companies succeed by focusing on innovation through inclusion.

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