Pedro began at the age of 10 with his first venture in Miami. At 15, Pedro released his music singles on Apple, Spotify, and Amazon. Then at 19, while at Stanford University, Pedro founded SmileyGo – a startup that indexed the data of 1 million nonprofits in order to empower companies to invest smarter. At 21, he gained funding while studying at the Haas School of Business. In 2017, Janet Napolitano awarded Pedro the UC Entrepreneur Winner for Berkeley. At 24, he started Pan Peru USA — an organization that empowers women to become entrepreneurs. 

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Pedro believes that inclusion is key for business success: 44% of Fortune 500 Companies were founded by immigrants. He teamed up with Jorge Titinger (ex-CEO of SGI) to interview 150 global executives on how diversity fuels creativity, innovation, and disruption. In 2019, Pedro published his book Differences That Make A Difference, having Eric Schmidt (ex Google CEO), Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO), and Dan Schulman (PayPal CEO) as contributors. Pat Gelsinger (VMware CEO) and Anita Sands (Symantec board member) wrote the foreword & introduction. 

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Pedro has invested in disruptive technologies founded by immigrants, women, and Hispanics. He has given keynotes in English and Spanish about diversity, equity, and inclusion with his experience as a TED Speaker: Build The Bridge. Pedro has been televised on Univision, KSDY50, and Telemundo. He has invested in the autonomous vehicles, music as a service, and software as a service industries as a technology investor. Pedro is a board member, advisor, and council member in nonprofit and for-profit companies such as Children Now, FWD.us, and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.    

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