El Huerfano Que Crecio e Hizo Crecer a Su Pueblo

El Huérfano Que Creció e Hizo Crecer a Su Pueblo is the biography of Alejandro Ardiles Caja: an orphan born in the Andes who became a successful entrepreneur, visionary, and Mayor of Pampas Grande. Written by Julia Ardiles de Espinoza, Alejandro was a survivor of the 1970 Ancash Earthquake, who broke barriers in order to build the first highway from Huarmey to Pampas Grande, educate his 10 children to become engineers, and inspire 30 grandchildren to become entrepreneurs — Pedro David Espinoza being one of them. 


Uncle Rabbit: Collection of Stories & Fables

Written by Pedro David’s mother — Julia — Uncle Rabbit narrates creative stories with a great sense of humor for your family. This book will encourage you to think outside the box by seeing challenges as opportunities to excel. This collection of fables will bring joy to your family, children, and loved ones. Uncle Rabbit has been endorsed by many teachers and educators from California, Florida, and Washington. All the proceeds of this book will go towards Pan Peru, a 501(c)3 organization that empowers rural Peruvian women to become entrepreneurs. 

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Feed.FM is a platform for digital media that allows for engaging mobile experiences through music. It’s goal is to utilize music for positive results in business as well as overall customer satisfaction by curating custom stations and branded mixtapes.

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Kiwi is an on-demand food delivery service operating on the University of California at Berkeley campus. Founded in 2015, it allows students to order food via an app and have it delivered by autonomous robots.

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Pan Peru

Pan Peru is a 501(c)3 organization that promotes education in Peru by building libraries, greenhouses, and computer labs, helping over 3,000 children get access to technology. One of its programs is Alpaca — a platform that empowers rural women to market, design, and monetize their handmade clothing garments such as sweaters, mittens, and scarves. With the mission to empower underserved women to become entrepreneurs, Alpaca has helped 20 women commercialize their handcrafted products to over 10 states and 2 countries. Donate to support women to become entrepreneurs. 


Differences That Make A Difference

Differences That Make A Difference is a book written by Pedro David Espinoza and Jorge Luis Titinger. The book is about how important is inclusion for companies, organizations, and individuals to innovate in the 21st century. Authors Espinoza and Titinger interviewed 150 executives such as Reed Hastings, Eric Schmidt, and Jonathan Rosenberg to provide tangible steps for companies to take in order to foster a culture of belonging.