Differences That Make A Difference

Differences That Make a Difference focuses on the power of diversity, innovation, and disruption, by narrating anecdotes from executives. Pedro David Espinoza and Jorge Titinger interviewed 175 leaders on how companies can take tangible steps to create a culture of belonging, prepare for the future of work, and retain the world’s best talent. The premise consists on how inclusion has been proven to have direct, measurable effects on stability and success in businesses, both publicly traded and privately held. Schedule a book talk for your organization here.

Claudia Edelman

CEO We Are All Human

United Nations Special Adviser

Judith Estrin

Internet Pioneer

Cisco CTO, Board Member at Disney, Board Member at FedEx

Michelle Lee

Under Secretary of Commerce

CEO of US Patent and Trademark Office

Eric Schmidt

ex Google CEO

Former Alphabet Executive Chairman, Google CEO, and board member at Apple, Mayo Clinic, and Princeton.

Reed Hastings

Netflix cofounder & CEO

Dan Schulman

PayPal CEO

Chairman of Symantec