New YouTube Channel

Hi guys, I do not know if you remember but a while ago I talked about creating my own YouTube channel and bouncing off some ideas with my best friend. So, I am glad to say that bouncing off of ideas worked and I have created a YouTube channel. So far I have 3 videos, two of baking and one is about 50 things about me tag. I thought that this tag was fitting to do at the beginning of my channel so incoming subscribers and current subscribers will get to know me. Well, at least a few things that I consider to be a great start. A great start to share things about me with my current subscribers and hopefully bring in future subscribers so we can make it a bigger community. My channel if you go check it out, you will notice that is about vlogs. Vlog is basically a look behind the scenes, raw footage, record of your thoughts, experiences. Going deeper into what type of vlogs I will be sharing with the people who subscribe to my channel, are lifestyle and travel vlogs. Right now since travel is not possible I am focusing on the lifestyle vlogs, which in my case is about what I like to do in a day, like baking. Baking makes me happy and it’s a way for me to focus on something else than my stress. If it is not apparent I am not the person to get feedback of how you should start a YouTube channel since I am also learning and have been getting help from other Youtubers to understand how things work. However, I can tell you though, that from the research I have gathered is that it is not to late to start a YouTube channel. That if you know why you are making a channel then you have what it takes to start one. In my case that is what I did. I started writing blogs and found out through doing Tik Tok that I actually liked entertaining people. I liked interacting with my followers and just all in all I found myself having things in common with them. So I thought, why not create a YouTube channel where I can post entertaining content and share it with friends/family and new subscribers that in time will become part of the Izzy gang. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for new and exciting content. Who knows maybe by subscribing to my channel you find the inspiration you need to start your own channel!!